Weekly Harvest: 6/24/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a busy few weeks, but I’m pumped to finally have the new Truth From The Stand website launched and just today posted the first Truth From The Stand Podcast—you can find it here.

My food plots are looking good and camera cards are definitely beginning to fill up. I got a call from my father-in-law to report the first sighting of a buck who looks like a certain hit list buck this season. This phone call officially jump started my buck fever! Hopefully I’ll have this guy (deer not my father-in-law) on a camera when I do my card pull over the Fourth of July holiday.

Before I dive into last years game cam pictures to appease by buck fever, I’ll leave you with the best deer news articles from the world whitetail web—enjoy!

The Deer Stewards Guide To Herbicide Terms: The more you know the more you grow…

5 Must-Have Hunting and Fishing Items You Didn’t Know You Needed: I don’t know these are all must haves but they have certainly made my life easier.

How To Film Your Own Deer Hunt—Main Camera Suggestions and Basics For Filming Deer Hunts: I started self filming last season. It is challenging, but I like having the footage to look back on and plan to share the footage here in the future.

Summer Whitetail Strategy Checklist Strategy: I’m feeling pretty good about my checklist progress, how ’bout you?

Travel Corridor Treestand Setups For Deer: I’ve put a few of these methods to work, we’ll see if I have any results this season.