Weekly Harvest: 6/17/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday all!

Summer is about to get into full swing at my house. The Kid is out of school and many weekends of travel are about to start. The summer is always difficult to get in as many hunting/prepping for hunting activities as I’d like. I have made a little progress in narrowing my locations to scout for my Ohio hunting trip this fall. As of now it looks like I’ll be scouting those locations at the end of the month. This weekend I’m headed back to the farm for Father’s Day to check on my food plots, mineral stations and might even climb a tree with the climber and get some target practice in from my stand.

But first, I’ll share this week’s round up of the best deer news the world whitetail web has to offer!

Have We Shot Too Many Does?: This question seems to come up every year. Organizations like the QDMA do a great job in providing tools for everyday land managers to understand their herd. We should start taking full advantage of these resources.

Always Stress Land Stewardship: Stewarding your land is about more than managing vegetation on a property to grow bigger bucks.

Whitetail Fawns—How To Predict The Peak Days Of The Rut Right Now: Fawn drop date is a great indicator to help narrow the rut window on your property.

Are You Positively Managing Whitetail Herds?: Let November be your barometer of your habitat improvement success.

Whitetail Bedding Staging Area: The bedding staging area described in the article is what I found outside of a mature buck bed I found. Think I know where I’ll be climbing a few trees this year!