Weekly Harvest: 6/10/16

Weekly Harvest

I don’t know about all of you, but seeing velvet on camera has me starting to get pretty pumped for the season. And I’m feeling pretty good with the work I’ve gotten done at the farm. All my food plots are in, mineral stations are in, camera’s are out…now it’s time to turn my attention to put the finishing touches on my out-of-state hunting trip. I know I’ll be headed to Ohio, and have narrowed the my options down to two locations. I’ll hopefully be traveling for a scouting trip in the next few weeks. But until then, like always, I’ll leave you with this week’s best deer news from the world whitetail web!

Geek Week—Kayak Hunting: Entrance via water is something I’d like to try.

5 Things To Do This Month For Deer Hunting—June:  I need to finalize my plans for my out-of-state adventure this year.

Molting—When And Why Deer Lose Their Hair: I certainly have had some mangy looking deer on camera the past few weeks. Good to know the mangier the healthier.

Best Time To Hang Treestands—It’s Not Now: I’ve learned over the past few years that hanging stands in the summer is less effective than one might think. Sure I keep a few tried and true stands in place in known travel corridors, but I use a climber to stay mobile and follow the food/sign throughout deer season.

5 Signs Your Whitetail Habitat Design Is Working: I have work to do on my buck to doe ratios.