Weekly Harvest: 5/20/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone!

Looks like I’m staring at another weekend of rain, which means no turkey hunting for this guy. It’s not that I don’t like hunting in the rain, I really don’t mind getting a little wet. However, since our farm is 3 hours away I try to make my trips during the spring and summer count by doubling up on hunting with field/food plot work. The rain cancels any field work plans that I might have, hopefully I’ll get some cooperation from mother nature soon to get these soybeans in the ground.

Enough of my weather issues. Let’s get to the good stuff…as always below are this week’s links to the best deer articles on the world whitetail web—enjoy!

5 Ways You’re Already Screwing Up Deer Season: Don’t bust up your season before it starts! I’m guilty of at least one of these.

Expert Calls New York Proposal To Sterilize Deer a “Really Stupid Plan”: I think the headline says it all…nothing else to add here.

Don’t Make Food Plots More Complicated Than They Need To Be: We hunters have a tendency to overcomplicate things…food plots being one of them.

Upgraded UNO Archery App Helps You Sight In Your Bow Quickly And Accurately:Where was this before I got my read and react sight?

Trail Cam Survey For Savvy Hunters: Good camera tips hopefully will help me yield more in season buck pictures