Weekly Harvest: 5/13/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday the 13th!

Alright, my clover plot appreciates the rain, but I would like one nice weekend to get after some birds!  I was hoping to get out this weekend but with rain in the forecast it looks like I’ll be spending Saturday at the archery range—which is a fine consolation prize.

The highlight of this past week was when I bought my preference point for a future Iowa hunt. It may take a few years before I draw, but this first step brings my dream whitetail hunt one step closer to reality.

With all the great weather we’ve been having in Pennsylvania (a hint of sarcasm), I’ve had plenty of time indoors to catch up on my deer reading. With that, I’ll leave you with this week’s best deer hunting articles from the world whitetail web!

Top Deer States—By The Numbers: Interesting read on deer numbers. Certainly some unexpected results in this article.

Hot Gear—Four Blade Devastation In New DoubleCross Broadhead: I may have to check these out.

Great Tips to Plant Your Best Deer Food Plots: Good reminders for even those who are experienced food plotters.

Trail Cameras—What You Need To Know About Whitetail Summer Ranges: The bucks you see today may not be the bucks you hunt in the fall.

The 2016 Whitetail Rut Will Be: Interesting formula to determine what days you should be hunting this fall.

Trail Cam Locations for Increasing Buck Pics: I’m looking forward to seeing some velvet bucks!