Weekly Harvest: 3/31/17

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone! Food plot season is here, which means chasing the kings of spring is quickly approaching too. I’m hoping to get one out-of-state turkey hunt in with a couple of buddies and spend a little time on a new property hunting with my dad here in PA.

I spent this past weekend with my dad scouting our new property and found some promising deer sign. I’m planning to put in a few small food plots and hang a few cameras this spring/summer. The property has some good cover and the surrounding neighborhood looks promising. My uncle hunted this property last year and saw a few nice deer, one in particular made his “biggest deer he’s seen” list. I’m hoping to get him (the deer not my uncle) on camera and set up an opportunity to run in to that fella this fall.

Before I get too excited for fall, I’ll leave you with this week’s best deer news!

Turkey Hunting Decoy Strategies That Work All Season: I used a decoy for the first time last year with no success. I’m planning to give it a try again this season…hopefully with better results.

Culling Bucks—Does It Really Work: I’ve heard varying perspectives when it comes to culling and it’s impact, particularly for the average land owner.

The 3 Biggest Obstacles To Creating Young Forrest Cover: Some of the best cover and habitat can be of the natural variety. It also can help the pocket boot as well when your forrest is creating a great natural food plot.

Big Property Potential On Micro Deer Hunting Parcels: Hoping some of the upgrades to a new smaller property has a big impact.

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