Weekly Harvest: 3/10/17

Weekly Harvest

Another work week drawing to a close. This recent weather has me thinking of spring gobbles however, my mind hasn’t been far away from whitetails. I’ve had a chance to do a little scouting the past few weeks and I walked a new property with my dad this past weekend that he’s looking to purchase. I’m looking forward to be able to spend time in the timber with the man who taught me how to hunt—it’s been a white since we’ve hunted together.

I did pay another visit to the public land I scouted a few weeks ago and saw 10 deer and one buck that was still holding bone. So it seems like my new find may be promising! To cap off last weekend I took my new Lone Wolf Assault II and sticks for a quick test run. The stand worked great, and it felt even better to be back in a tree…even if it was just for a few minutes.

With that said, while you’re reading this I’ll be in the air taking my daughter to Harry Potter Land in Orlando, FL. So no deer work this weekend, just parks and the beach…not a bad consolation prize. But before I “jet”, I leave you with this week’s deer news—enjoy!

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