Weekly Harvest: 2/24/17

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday all! I spent this past holiday weekend in the timber scouting  public land near our family farm. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better weather and I actually found a few spots that look promising. I did hang one camera to see what kind of action is taking place around a food source I stumbled on to. If you’d like to check out the scout I created 2 videos documenting the day. I’ve released part 1 earlier this week and part 2 should come out early this coming week.

Until then I’ll leave you with a few of the articles I’ve had a chance to read through—enjoy!

Minerals For Whitetails: I’m on the fence as to whether or not I’ll be freshening my mineral sites this spring. I’m weary of concentrating deer in small areas increasing the possible spread of CWD.

Three Payoffs To Scouting For Deer In February: This is exactly why I like to hit the timber this time of year.

New Poll Shows Westerners Want Public Lands Protected: This is good news, hopefully politicians pay attention to what thier constituents want.

Shed Hunting Dogs—4 Training Drills To Turn Your Retriever Into An Antler Finder: I need a dog. Not only have I promised my daughter, but I need serious help finding bone!

Tennessee Hunting Garnering Lots Of New Attention: Producing a 300 plus inch deer will certainly cause a stir. I don’t know what I’d do if I even saw something like that while in the stand…I’d carry the mount with me everywhere??