Weekly Harvest: 12/9

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone!

With the holiday fast approaching…I’ll keep this one short as I need to do some gift purchasing. Particularly considering  I spent my wife’s birth day hunting the rut!! So here’s to understanding wives and over the top gifts seeking forgiveness for our whitetail addiction! In the meantime, enjoy a few links to the best the world whitetail web has to offer.

How To Give Hunting A Brighter Future: Pat II—Great read, and hits home as my little girl has an interest in bow hunting.

Top Tips, Strategies For Using Doe Bleats To Kill Bucks—I have to admit that I’ve never had any luck with a doe bleat. However, I’m sure in the right circumstance it could be dynamite!

DIY Public Land Strategies—Jeff took a great buck in Wisconsin and has some great tips. Many of the same ones I followed to arrow my Ohio public land buck.

10 Findings In Deer Research You Need To Know About: Number 8 is interesting.