Weekly Harvest: 1/27/17

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday all!

It’s here…today is the final day of deer season in a few WMU’s here in Pennsylvania. I did manage to sneak in one last hunt last weekend on a new piece of public land. Saw one red fox and zero deer, but it was great to just be in a tree.  Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my wife’s birthday since I was hunting in Ohio during her real birthday in November…so no final hunt for me. But we do have this week’s best deer news from the world whitetail web—enjoy!

National Public Lands Transfer—If you are an outdoorsman, or outdoor woman, you should watch this video and sign the petition.

QDMA 2017 Whitetail Report—Check out this years report, it’s always an interesting read.

7 Hinge Cutting Buck Bedding Secrets—Great tips as you get ready to begin habitat enhancements.

House Rules Change Make It Easier To Sell Off Federal Lands—State budgets can’t support managing federal lands. If fedreal lands are in state hands, it will only be a matter of time until they are sold for development.