Weekly Harvest: 12/2/16

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday last week! With gun season upon us here in Pennsylvania, I’m beginning to shift my focus to trying to tag out in PA during late archery season. I always look forward to late season, even though the hunting is usually tuff sledding. It’s probably my second favorite time to hunt…particularly if the temps drop. I’ll also  be watching cameras closely to see if any of the up and comers made it through gun season.

Hope everyone’s seasons have gone well and enjoy this week’s deer news from the world whitetail web!

How To Read Whitetail Body Language—Great tips from a great source. Something I’m trying to get better at.

At What Age Can A Fawn Survive Without It’s Doe:  I tend to follow the advice in this article.

7 Signs Of Happy Deer Hunter: A good reminder why we enjoy hunting.

Stay On The Fast Track For Great Deer Hunting: Some tips to get a head start on next season. I particularly like the tip on shooting lanes.

Reader Success Story—Public Land Success For Clint Campbell: Of course I have to give  a shameless plug for the article I wrote that is currently on Wired To Hunt!