Weekly Harvest: 11/25/16

Weekly Harvest

Alright, the Weekly Harvest is back from vacation! It’s been a great hunting season thus far, and my hunting schedule will be winding down now. I punched my tag in Ohio this year, you can read the story here on Wired To Hunt or listen to it here on the most recent Truth From The Stand podcast.

I only had a handful of hunts in Pennsylvania this year, splitting my time between our farm and public land, and will look to fill my tag in PA during the late season. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the whitetail links below—Enjoy!

What Killed Skinny: Even the pros execute marginal shots sometimes.

Are You making A Critical Mistake In The Rut: Great article. I was more patient this year than years past, and was rewarded.

3 Ways To Save Your Rut: Time in the stand. Can’t kill em from the couch!

QDMA’s Guide To The Whitetail Rut: I might be a little late with this, but the info is still great.