Weekly Harvest: 10/7/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy cold front Friday!

Seems the first real cold front of the season is hitting the midwest as you read this. And it will make it’s way to my area by tomorrow. I plan to take advantage of the weather and hit the public land near my house for round 2!

Also, the Weekly Harvest may be a released on a more limited basis over the next few weeks as I spend more time in the timber and travel to hunt. But today I’ll leave you with the best the whitetail web has to offer—this week’s deer new!

Hunting Picked Cornfields: Get your blinds in early to allow deer to acclimate to your blind before hunting it. Also, let any windows open you’ll plan to have open when hunting.

Anticipation—Keys To Harvesting A Mature Bucks: I’m still waiting for that dumb luck harvest!

Acreage Isn’t Everything: Bigger is not always better…

Five Rules For Recovering Liver-Shot Deer: I lived these tips last weekend while tracking for a friend.

Six Hunting Tips For Better Scent Control: Deodorant vitamins? That’s a first.