Weekly Harvest: 7/8/16

Weekly Harvest

I have to say, this week, I’ve been pretty pumped. My card pull this past weekend revealed a few nice bucks in velvet, and I had a sighting of a nice velvet buck while mowing the clover field. I also picked up my Ohio hunting license, so I’m locked in for a few trips to the buckeye state this fall. But the cherry on top of this week was the fact that a hunt I’ve been wanting to do for a while is finally coming together with a great group of guys. I’ll share more details as it gets closer, as this hunt is a little more than a year away—but I am pumped.

This weekend I’m off to the mountains for some good food, good drink and hiking. But as always, I’ll leave you with this week’s best deer related articles from the world whitetail web!

Mock Scrape System For Mature Bucks: Great reminder for me to start putting in my mock scrapes and licking branches.

Increasing Mature Buck Numbers During The Season: In this case, history repeating itself is a good thing.

Hanging Trail Cameras To Not Spook Deer:  I don’t typically hang my cameras this high, but I may have to give it a try.

Leafy Logic—Consider Foliage When Hanging Treestands: I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have the cover of foliage and do little trimming if any.

Dealing With Hunting Pressure On Public Lands: Working with fellow DIY’ers may be the key to public land success!

How To Identify And Hunt Deer Crossings: I have a pretty nice deer crossing at a bend in creek stream on the farm. Had a nice buck sighting there…It’ll be on my list of hunting locations this year.