Weekly Harvest: 4/22/2016

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone! It looks like spring has officially sprung and I’ve got one more week before turkey season comes in! I’ll put in a little work this weekend at the farm preparing land for food plots and checking my mineral stations. Then I’ll put some time in with my bow. I got a new archery buddy to shoot with too, my daughter! She’s 7 and just got her first bow a few weeks ago, and loves to shoot.

But before I hit the road and head to the farm, I’ll leave you with this week’s best deer related articles from the world whitetail web!

The Season Of Hope: Hours planning  for next season’s hunts are full of daydreams of big bucks and hope.

How To Plant Successful Small Food Plots For Deer: I can attest that my white clover food plot has been relatively easy to maintain and full of deer and turkeys.

Best Kill Plot Shape: Much to consider when creating a kill plot.

 Best Whitetail Bedding Habitat Feature: Want great habitat and cover but don’t want to wait 8-12 years for growth? Here are some tips to get you there quicker than you think.

 Hidden Deer Habitat Improvement Opportunities: Did you like playing hide and seek as a kid? Deer do to and that game may help you locate big bucks.