Weekly Harvest: 9/9/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone!

One more week till I climb into a stand for the first time this season. I have to say, I’m a little jealous of some of the pictures I’ve been seeing on social media of those who have been able kick their hunting season off already.

To get my whitetail fix this weekend I’ll be headed to Ohio for a scouting trip. As you read this I’ll be headed west on the PA turnpike. I’ve been looking forward to his trip for quite a while and I’m hoping the online scouting I’ve done, along with a friends previous experience in this particular area, will me and my buddies in position for some fun from the stand in November.

For now, I’ll leave you with this week’s best whitetail news—enjoy!

Forget The Blind And Hunker In Junk—Some interesting tips to utilize your surroundings as in field camouflage.

Deer Hunting: Tree Stand Or Ground Blind—I almost always prefer a tree stand. There is one place on the farm this year where I may employ a blind, but we’ll see.

Whitetail Wednesday With Dr. Grant Woods: How To Pattern Mature Bucks—Food, cover and water are important factors in patterning a mature buck….but what about security?

Four Simple Ways To Get Bucks Within Bow Range—Getting bucks within bow range is easier said than done.

Top Five Early-Season Deer Hunting Spots—I’m hoping an oak flat produces a good opportunity for me this year.

Shooting For A Save Deer Season—More important than tagging out…is making it home every evening. Stay safe friends.