Weekly Harvest: 7/22/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone!

First, I’d just like to start back thanking those of you that have been downloading our new Truth From The Stand Deer Hunting Podcast. You all have been great and I look forward to being able to have a few of you join in on the fun soon. If you’ve not had a chance to check any of the podcasts out, you can find our podcast page here.

It’s been a busy week this week so I’ll get right to the good  stuff. Brining you the best whitetail news articles from around the world whitetail web—enjoy!

Five Things To Do This Month For Deer Hunting—July: Good tips for staying on task and ready for opening day!

3 Traits Of Great Deer Hunters: These seem like no-brainers, but it’s a good reminder.

My Deer Hunting Predator Mode: Interesting take on upping the aggressiveness of bow shots. Don’t know that I’m in this league yet, but interesting thought.

Stay In Your Comfort Zone: Good advice for understanding your “ethical zone” when taking a shot on an animal.

Top 5 Food Plot Failures And Rewards: Some of the results here may surprise you.

A Note To State Game Agencies—Put Your Hunters To Work: Interesting suggestion, and I don’t disagree. Most hunters would be happy to help when it comes to caring for wildlife and habitat.

Summer Trail Cam Warning: Are you’re summer camera images lying to you come fall?

Best 2016 Food Plot Mix: What’s your favorite food plot mix?

Top 5 Mature Buck Hunting Tactics: “Less is more” is one I’m still working on.