Weekly Harvest: 7/1/16

Weekly Harvest

I got up this morning and realized opening day for archery season in the eastern part of PA is only 2.5 months away! And with the long weekend, the only way this weekend could get any better is seeing nice velvet bucks when I pull camera cards!

With that said, I’ll keep this short so everyone can get on with their holiday weekend plans, and leave you with this week’s best deer news from the world whitetail web—Happy 4th everyone!

Deer Bedding Areas—Locating, Creating And Observing: I’ve located and am currently observing…this winter I’ll plan to create.

Five Great Hunting Books: A good list for summer reading. I can personally vouch for Jeff Sturgis’ books.

Video—Why Dry Firing A Bow Is A Bad Idea: Most know this is a bad idea, but this video is pretty great!

5 Items You Should Always Carry In Your Backcountry Pack: Simple items that can be the difference between a memorable hunt vs. a miserable one.

Whitetail Fawns On The Ground—Will They Make It Till Fall: Food and cover go a long way to helping your fawn recruitment numbers.

Summer Hinge Cutting Strategies: I prefer to do my cutting in the winter. Fortunately for me, most of my heavy lifting work was completed before the sweltering heat arrived.

How To Know When The Best Days Of The Rut Will Be: Dispel myths of the rut and book those vacation days on fact. I’ve got my days lined up this year, do you?