Weekly Harvest: 4/21/17

Weekly Harvest: 4/21/17

One more week and I’ll finally be hitting the timber to do a little turkey hunting. I’ll actually be headed to Ohio to hunt the area where I hunted the rut this past season. The plan is to do some turkey hunting and scout for this upcoming deer season. Turkey hunting in a different state is a great way to get some deer scouting in while you may still be able to see the previous year’s sign.

As for this weekend I’ll be hitting the range to continue to dial in my loner range distances. 60 yards is feeling pretty good, which is my goal kill range for my western hunt. Hope everyone is getting their deer work or some turkey hunting in! For now I’ll leave you with this week’s deer news!

Whitetail Bedding Canopy Myth Tips: Unless deer are hiding from birds, you can likely scrap the canopy cover.

Boost Your Food Plots With A Simple Soil Test: This one simple step can save you a ton of money in lime and fertilizer…not to mention it’ll help your plots.

Why Should We Plant Spring Food Plots: Steve Bartylla is one of my favorite whitetail guys. Anything he writes is worth a read.

Restoring Elk To The Appalachian Region: They’ve managed to develop a herd here In Pennsylvania. This is great news For West Virginia!

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