Weekly Harvest: 4/14/17

Weekly Harvest: 4/14/17

Happy Friday all!

No deer work for me this weekend. In order to stay on the good side of the law (my wife) in exchange for a few weekends of turkey hunting, I’ll be headed to the finger lakes for a weekend of wine tours and relaxation. It could be a lot worse…like house chores. With that said I’ll keep this short and leave you with this weeks best deer related blog articles the world wide web has to offer!

Whitetail Corridor Myth Tips: Too much of a good thing can be bad.

Whitetail Bedding Log Myth Tips: Create good side cover and leave the logs for the firewood!

How To Hunt Turkeys—Has Cutting And Running Lost It’s Effectiveness: I’ve typically used a blind and decoy set up. This year I may go with a cut and run approach on the farm.

5 Reasons To Do Treestand Work Now: Also a great reason to spend some time in the timber for a whitetail fix!