Weekly Harvest: 3/17/17

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday all! Looks like the nice weather we had two weeks ago was a cruel joke played by mother nature. This past week I travelled to Orlando for a family get away and was stranded an extra day due to weather. Not a terrible place to be stranded and allowed me to catch up on some whitetail reading by the pool!

This weekend I’ll be getting back to the archery range to continue extending my effective bow range for my western hunt this fall. And I may do some road scouting to find potential farms I’d like to request permission for hunting access. Knocking on random doors does not fit my personality, but I told myself that I’d make the attempt to gain access to hunting property closer to home this year—I’ll let you know how this goes.

With that, enjoy this week’s deer news! And I almost forgot…enjoy St. Patty’s Day responsibly!

Trail Cam Dependability And Battery Life: Few things are more frustrating than a faulty camera or dead batteries when pulling cards.

Can You Estimate A Buck’s Age From his Shed Antler: Interesting read, but not very accurate for aging bucks.

Trump’s Proposed Budget Could Threaten Hunting and Fishing’s Future: Feels like a stepping stone to set the financial stage for land transfer. This should upset anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Busted—10 Myths About Blood Trailing Deer: Good tips for following up after the shot.