Weekly Harvest: 1/6/17

Weekly Harvest

Alright, hopefully everyone has made it through the holidays and had some time to get into the timber for a little late season fun. I was planning to sneak in another hunt this weekend, but family obligations squashed my plans. Fortunately, in the eastern portion of Pennsylvania the season is in until the end of January. I’ll hit some public land I’ve been eyeing to do a combination scout for next year, and a few evening hunts if I’m lucky. I’m gong to push it till the bitter end!

Hope the new year brings everyone a bit of whitetail luck, and enjoy the best deer news articles from the world whitetail web!

How Many Deer Will Die From Winter Weather: Interesting read. I never knew they had a measurement for the severity of winter as it related to deer survival.

How To Transform Bedding Areas, Create Deer Ambush Sites: Some good ideas if you’re planning any habitat updates this winter/spring.

When is Late Autumn and Winter Food Plot Planting Beneficial: Great tips from Steve as always! The Truth From The Stand Podcast will have some great food plot content in the near future…stay tuned!

6 Ingredients For Late Season Hunting Success: Good reminders as you prepare for the last hunting push!