Weekly Harvest: 12/30/16

Weekly Harvest: 12/30/16

Merry belated Christmas all, and happy New Year! This week has bee filled with family, travel, and I of course have been sneaking in some late season hunts. I’ve had deer movement and had a couple shooters pass within bow range. However, I did’t have a clear lane. Here’s to hoping everyone has had a great holiday, and that you get some holiday stand time as well. Enjoy this week’s best deer news from the world whitetail web!

Late-Season Deer Hunting—5 Ways To Save Your Season: I don’t agree with number 5.

How You Can Make Hunting Fun Again: I’m guilty of removing the fun at times.

Have You Ever Cooked A Whole Deer Neck: I typically use everything I can get off the carcass!

6 Ingredients For Late Season Hunting Success: More tips for late season. If I could just get a little snow, that would be a nice addition to my late season!