Weekly Harvest: 1/20/17

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday Everyone! Last week I thought I was going on my last hunt of the year, I had a great encounter with a shooter, but as luck would have I’ll be able to steal one last hunt tomorrow. I think I’m headed to a new piece of public land to hunt/scout for next year. Hopefully it’ll hold some promise as it’s close to my house and would be great to have land to hunt near by.

For now, I’ll leave you with this week’s best deer news from the world whitetail web—enjoy

Antlered Doe? Highly Unlikely: I think I’ll identify bucks and does by antlers…

The Truth About Cooking With Venison: Lot’s of reasons to make venison your red meat of choice!

The Afterwork Stud: I’d like to find a small parcel for quick after work hunts.

A Public Land Buck With Dad: Great story that provided a lot of perspective.