EP. 337: Making The Trad Bow Transition | The Push Archery

Today I’m joined by my buddy Matt Zirnsak from The Push Archery. Matt and The Push Archery are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything traditional archery. As many of you know, I’ve been considering hunting with traditional equipment this year, and of course have a lot of questions. Matt was kind enough to join me to talk a newbie through a lot of the things I’ll need consider as I think of transition from a compound to trad bow. We of course talk some deer hunting too. Hope you all dig the conversations as much as I did – thanks for listening!

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  1. PA Archery buck with a trad bow
  2. Missing every deer for the first two years
  3. Choosing the right bow
  4. Tuning an arrow 
  5. Aiming methods…what’s right for you
  6. And Much More


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